January 26, 2011

Barker+Associates Public Art Advisory is short-listed for the “Musheireb” mega project in Doha, Qatar’s capital following a successful submittal for a Tender issued in August 2010.

DOHALAND’s signature project, “Musheireb”, is a pioneering effort developed to revive the old commercial centre of the city, by deploying a community-based architectural language across a massive 35 hectare site. The strategy to regenerate the “Heart of Doha” is based on new technologies that encompass sustainability and an appreciation of Qatarís historical legacy. The project will be completed in five phases, with the first phased due for completion by 2012. The entire project is due to be complete by 2016.

The Musheireb the Heart of Doha is a vision in the making striking a balance between 21st century urbanism and people’s needs. It emphasizes the importance of family and social relationships between people and attempts to rediscover the essence of the Qatari community, through compact neighborhoods, pedestrian friendly streets and shaded pathways, and major facilities and services such as schools and malls, all within walking distance.

As a response to these aspirations we proposed that the Musheireb public art program should become a creative expression of Qatar’s key agenda of culture and education, “nurturing brains before oil wells” and building a “knowledge-based economy.” Supporting how the Heart of Doha will function, through a sensitive inclusion of art we would aim to reinforce a sense of community and help integrate the project into the fabric and functioning of the new Doha, while ensuring that the citizens and visitors of Qatar get maximum benefit in terms of fresh and memorable art experiences.